IMA Membership Application

To be considered for membership in the International Marian Association, please send us an email ([email protected]) with your respective curriculum vitae, resume, or description of Marian activities. The email must also include a brief statement of acceptance of all 7 guiding principles of the IMA as located on the website, so as to ensure a foundational Marian solidarity within the IMA, and for the effective fulfillment of these goals.

Along with Marian theologians, bishops, priests, and religious, the IMA is also open to Marian lay leaders who may not have extensive theological backgrounds, but nonetheless honor and serve Our Lady through outstanding Marian apostolic service.

The IMA is a Marian association of  both “head” and “heart” which seeks to work together in the common utilization of our God-given talents of beauty in diversity, in order to best articulate, serve, and spread the full truth and love of our common Mother Mary.